Week of October 28, 2019

Mon, Nov 11   Fried Chicken              Fried Pork Chops                     Chicken and Dumplings

                        Corn                             Rice and Gravy                        Turnip Greens                                                    Black-eyed Peas         Fried Green Tomatoes            Zucchini & Tomatoes  

                        Yams                           Green Beans                             Banana Pudding


Tues, Nov 12   Fried Chicken              Red Beans & Sausage             Country Fried Steak

                        Mashed Potatoes        Rice & Gravy                             Italian Green Beans

                        Fried Corn                    Fried Green Tomatoes            Turnip Greens

                        Mac & Cheese              Buttered Broccoli                    Brownie Trifle


Wed, Nov 13   Fried Chicken              Pork Roast                               Baked Chicken

                        Mac & Cheese             Rice & Gravy                             English Peas

                        Corn                             Green Beans                             Cabbage                                 

                        Fried Okra                   Fried Green Tomatoes             Yams                                                             Turtle Trifle


Thurs, Nov 14  Fried Chicken              Fried Pork Chops                     Baked Chicken

                        Cornbread Dressing    Green Beans & Potatoes         Turnip Greens

                        Rice & Gravy                  Fried Green Tomatoes            White Baby Lima Beans

                        Chicken Gravy               Smothered Squash                  Island Pie


Fri, Nov 15       Fried Chicken             Fried Fish                                 Fried Shrimp                          

                        Boiled Shrimp             Cheese Grits                             Fried Green Tomatoes

                        French Fries                New Potatoes & Cob Corn       Turnip Greens                        

                        Mac & Cheese              Rice & Gravy                             Baked Beans

                        Island Pie


Sun, Nov 17     Fried Chicken              Fried Pork Chops                    Baked Chicken

                        Cornbread Dressing    Rice & Gravy                            Speckled Butter Beans

                        Turnip Greens              Fried Green Tomatoes            Green Bean Casserole                           Corn                              Mac & Cheese                          Island Pie